Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I actually collect journals. Can't tell you why, but I do.  Anywhere I go, if I find one that I really like I will get it.

So I had a idea to try to make my own.

I'd actually thought about making my own paper a few years ago.  That way I can stain it any color, cut into any diameter or make the edges any way I want.

I did some searching (thank you google) & found a few sites that have some really good ideas & how to's.

I'm sure this is going to take me a bit (while) to get all the materials needed since I'm going to be starting a new job on the 23rd of this month.  Since I am one of those to obsess over things, I don't want to start this project until I'm settled.

Maybe these sites can help you, if you're thinking of trying to make your own book/journal.

Good luck!  Remember, it's yours & it's awesome no matter how it turns out.  One of a kind :)

Michael Shannon Moleskin like book

Really detailed tutorial by Curiously Crafty

Making paper

Book binding how to make a leather bound moleskin journal craft tutorial

((Once I get everything together to get started on mine I will take photos & give my own how-I-did-it instructions.))

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